90mm aperture tour.

Swadlincote 24/1/18 90mm achro, 13mm Nagler, 23mm Panoptic , 21mm Hyperion , 7.5 Ultimata and furious barking dog next door .

Vixen 90 f11 my white light solar, out and let’s see what it can do.

Quick tour of Messier’s, lots of contrast and acceptable views of Bode’s, a lovely M35 and “the Eskimo ” NGC 2392 quite obvious in the field. Playing around I managed some views with the Hyperion 21 and 10mm looking impressively sharp across the field.

Cepheus. The “Garnet Star” (SAO 33693) looked spectacularly deep orange, this huge star would fill the orbit between Jupiter and Saturn. It varies from +3.6-+5.0. I caught the colourful triple midst IC 1396.

Canis Major.M41 showed delightful chains.Over to h3945 (SAO 173344) narrower colourful “winter Albireo” at 26.8″ than iota Cancri.

Cancer.managed to split Tegmine, then onto iota (08h47.8m. +28 41′) at 30.1″ and a lovely colourful +4 +6.

Lepus.R (“Hind’s Crimson”) +8.7 SAO 150058 gave not much , over the town with the moon still up. It does vary to become just blood red. Massive enough to fill Jupiter’s orbit.

Monoceros. NGC2301 , still dragon like ! Great tour of binaries and multiples.
Samoht (α) very bright orange (giant x60 diameter of Sol) 148 lys away (SAO134986)
Σ956 ,a very challenging triple ( aperture !)+8 +9+10.7. X9.4 diameter of Sol.
Σ910 orange giant, wide at 66″ +6.9 +8.1
10 Monocerotis (SAO 133299) +5 +9.5 at 77″.
8 Mon.(SAO 113812) 12.3″ split 2 degrees ne of the rosette.Unrelated pair.
Beta Mon. Finest triple in our hemisphere, bright and split clean 2.9″.(SAO133317)
15 Mon, (SAO 114258), base of the tree ,NGC2264.
Zeta (ζ) (SAO 135551) yellow and blue arc of triple stars.
ΟΣΣ 79,lovely orange colour.
V838 lovely red of this variable at 07h04m. -3 50′.

Some very surprising views, contrast and colour. Σ 956 was very pleasing  as Sissy Haas reported as not being seen in 125mm aperture. Long 90 mm achromatic scopes are fairly cheap and for the size and light weight ,give great colour and contrast.

clear skies !


A very lovely M50 with a 21mm Hyperion. 23mm giving x43, 21mm x48 and 7.5mm giving x133.

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