Current early “Double doubles”.

In addition to the current early morning Lyra giving the” double doubles “of epsilon and the wider Σ 2470 Σ2474, there are some earlier and easier “double doubles. ” These are bright , easy to find and easy with small aperture.

Σ7 ( appears as Σ17 on the map ) with Σ401, paralell pairs.(SAO 75970)     (Near the Pleiades)
Σ742 paralell to Σ740 ( near M1)
Σ674 and Σ680 , pairs with near identical separations and magnitudes.

Σ1088 and Σ1087, nicely angled.
Σ1007 and h3288 in a full field.  

These rare wonderful sights will hopefully spur you on to the pleasures and treasures of binary stars,

under clear skies !

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