Highlights of recent microscopy with Zeiss IM microscope in Lichfield

Spirochaete bacteria imaged at last.

The following is a video of rod and spirochaete bacteria in a several week cultured sample of pond water from the local Lichfield Stowe Pool viewed with 32x objective on my Zeiss IM microscope.

Helicon Focus 6 – combining multiple exposures at different focus depths to improve depth of field and produce 3D models of sample.

The next photo is of a diatom from the same sample. It is the result of combining around 15-20 sub-frames in Helicon Focus 6 to increase depth of field. This gives lots of detail of inner structure within the organism.

Helicon Focus 6 can produce 3D models using depth information from multiple exposures at different depths and the next picture is an example of this from same sample as above.

The next picture is of Volvox (green circles centrally) and diatom skeletons:

3D Helicon model of above:

The next picture shows 3D model of cell walls within a piece of moss:

Highlights of microscopy of samples from Stowe Pool in last few months, with Zeiss IM microscope:


H&E stained algae clearly showing cilia at corners of cells and organelles:

Vorticella – cilia are just visible at edge of “mouth”:


Two different organisms – yet to be identified:

Daphnia – water flea – showing structure of eye:

Spherical ball of cells – identification uncertain:

Video of pond water from 2/9/2017 – highlights:

Video of pond water 2/12/2017 – highlights:

The following video comes from a sample from a bucket that had been left for 2-3 years next to my neighbour’s house:

The following is a video of bacteria cultured from my son’s mouth:


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