Best binaries and triples in Taurus.

Recently , observing has been through milky skies with weather systems shifting quickly at height. There hasn’t been enough contrast for filling in clusters or observing galaxies.
Time for some binaries. Early evening views of Taurus have meant sitting comfortably at the eyepiece. Taurus is stacked with binaries, one of the few visible by eye is in the Pleiades.

Σ479 shows a wide but delicate L shaped triple. RA 04h00.9m. +23 12′
Σ523 SAO 076552, dim pair at 10.2″.
52 Tauri (φ) SAO 076558, ghostly speck gives light red and blue.
Σ559 shows a wonderful bright exactly even pair, really lovely.SAO 094002, just spectacular.
Σ7 and Σ401 are both caught in the field of view at x50, this is better than the double double. A really beautiful sight.SAO 075970.
Σ430 shows a delicate and difficult amazing looking triple with two faint companions , I often wonder what a sky with three suns would look like.
SAO 11340.
Aldebaran is a binary with a wide +11.3 companion, worth spotting.

Finally across the Moon this morning , a glimpse of someone practicing delivery, Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017 !
Old Nick.img_4364

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