7/5/18 Stunning Jupiter.

Very challenging viewing, transient views between photographic clarity and a blur. I put the focus on lock and drew as the clarity came.

The transit of Ganymede showed the pure white pea moon and a black shadow right on the northern limb. Then the dark GRS appeared with a dark wide band preceding. The views cleared and settled later , but the sky just got lighter. I had a look at some favourites in Lyra. Aladfar gives colour and wonderful contrast to it’s dim companion, worth finding and teasing out. Sheliak is a multiple star in a lovely field of stars.

Dont give up with Jupiter , start off with x100 and work up to x200. I found x150-x160 gave good results. I used a Moon filter to take off the glare and played around with an aperture shield. Relax, go for a brew , the views will come. Challenging as it’s quite low, bad enough with hot air bubbles and mount air kicking light around.

Opposition on Wednesday , worth a shot and enjoy the Summer Triangle under

Clear skies ! Nick.

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