Easy star hops from Perseus.

This chain of stars Is found alongside Andromeda and leads up to Cassiopeia. The Milky Way passes right through here , glowing very brightly under dark skies.

(1) The double cluster.Find the second star ( Ruchbah)from end of Cassiopeia . Find the bright star in Perseus (Mirphak) . Half way between these two is the double cluster of NGC 884 and NGC 869. At low and binocular power , you’ll get them both in the field of view. Probably one of the most stunning sights of the night sky. Notice the “holed ring” and red star , find them !

(2) M34, an overlooked large open cluster. Find Algol, it’s a variable star , it’s not always bright. Find Mirphak and make a right angled triangle. You can also find Almach and go half way along this line from Algol.

(3) Almach ,a striking easy orange and blue double star.

(4) The “little dumbbell nebula”, needs some dark sky. You should be able to pick out this planetary nebula. Go on a line halfway from Almach to Ruchbah ( the second star in Cassiopeia).

(5) Mirphak , have a look at this area under low magnification , it’s just a mass of stars.

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