Review : 24mm Teleview Panoptic, one eyepiece rules all !

The 24mm Panoptic is the best 1.25″ one out there. It gives a generous 68 degree field and 15mm eye relief. It’s compact at 230g, not bulky or heavy enough to disturb scope balance. The 27mm field shop provides a very wide field, stopping where your peripheral vision does. The rubber grip , fold down eyecup and well engineered barrel slips are designed for easy use.
In use, there’s
Next to zero chromatic aberration.
No curvature.
No coma or kidney beaning.
There’s simply excellent contrast right up to bright objects. In use it’s very comfortable to observe with. There’s no straining or peering around the field of view. The contrast provides superb views of deep sky targets . Televues are designed to be tested at f3.

Using a fast scope it’s somewhat awe inspiring to pick out focussed galaxies and stars right across the field of view. With an f10 refractor , the Panoptic brings out the best performance of the objective. If you’ve looked through Televue eyepieces and just deserve one , this is it.

clear skies ! Nick.

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  1. I have the 35mm Panoptic, famous as being at a sweet spot for F5-6 Dobsonians. I completely agree with you – amazing eyepieces. Mind you, I also have some Radians and Naglers and they are also quite spectacular. I really like Radians – must complete my collection at some point.

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