4″ refractor , December sky.

Set up, quite a milky sky , not looking very nice. However the setting of the waxing moon promised a darker sky later on.Humidity picked up all the light pollution throwing it high into the sky.The dew set in so badly ,it dripped off the scope , then froze.

I gave it a couple of hours, leaving the dew heater and air to perform. Went out and there a small breeze and a surprising rise in temperature. The dew eased off and I packed in at 2. The sky ended up up very misty, by eye , just a few stars out.

Gemini dominates the early eastern sky. Mekbuda is very much overlooked .

Monoceros is a lovely area to explore. 10 Monocerotis is rarely referred to. I spotted a very delicate binary near Beta , I hadn’t noticed before.

Eridanus runs down beside Orion, quite low in the south.

Ursa Major towers on it’s tail , high in the north. Xi is a beautiful , fine and bright binary, again very much overlooked.

Leo, Coma Berenices appeared , but the haze obscured so much. Early morning showed a bright Spica in the north east and a bright Jupiter in the south. Plenty treats to come , under

Clear skies  !


img_4253img_4252img_4251img_4250I was very pleased to get results in 4″ of f10 aperture. The scope is over 30 years old with lovely optics , just a delight to use and explore . A bit of sketching keeps frost off the fingers !

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