2nd attempt at processing my narrowband image of M42 from 24/12/2020

Do you prefer one of these versions from today or the ones I posted previously?

In one respect these images are better – in my previous post I had stacked the frames using Nebulosity 4 and there was some misalignment of stars in corners. On this occasion, I used the automatic script in PixInsight to stack and it has done a far better job. I also think I have kept more detail in the fish-mouth/trapezium region. Leaving some of the green in the image (i.e. not using 100% on SCNR has also emphasised the Running Man nebula M43).

Regarding colour choices in narrowband imaging, this is in the eye of the beholder – not sure which I prefer…..

Versions 1 and 3 are very similar – Version 1 is really Version 3 with Topaz SharpenAI and DeNoiseAI filters applied.

All versions used 75% SCNR in PixInsight – in Version 2 I used Replace Colour in Photoshop to replace some of green with red to see if it looked nicer!

Version 4 is my Phoenix Version!


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