24-25th February 2018 observing report.

Vixen 102, Heq5pro, SkySafari 5pro. Swadlincote.

Cold and very cold, but clear with the bright Moon up. Ending my seventh session this month.

Good time of year to get under Leo to long Hydra. Having enjoyed the spectacular NGC 3242′, “ghost of Jupiter” , decided to have a look of some favourite binaries here. Some lovely colours and treasures to find. ( The “ghost” is very bright , from dark sites it has shown handlebars on each side , with a ghostly green blue colour)

Σ1270 at x100, gave a lovely pair. (SAO 136242)

epslion Hydrae, really lovely yellow and deep blue (SAO 117112)

Σ1290 ,a good 2.8″ split at x200 (SAO 117208)

Σ1347 , nicely wide at 21″

Here’s the double double low power field, with splits to 1.9″, SAO 117661 and 117704

Some spectacular colours to tau 1 Hydrae, yellow with a ” small plum” , yes ,got that .

Just on the borders of Leo, I spotted Subra on the app,( omicron Leonis ) SAO 98709, wide , but stunning colouration. One that I no references to, or noticed before. Plenty targets in this area,under Clear skies !


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