NGC 1499 – California Nebula

Taken last night from the garden. NGC1499 – California Nebula.

The California Nebula is an intense hydrogen emission nebula located in the constellation Perseus. This iconic deep-sky object has been ignited by energetic starlight that has ionized its nebular gas composition. Its 1,000 light years from earth.

NASA Mars student challenge




Watched the Mars Perseverance landing with the boys on Thursday, both very excited!

Luke has made a solar rover and (thanks to Heather’s suggestion) we emailed a photo to NASA and they have put it on the children’s page, together with his question, ‘Is there a faster way to get to Mars?’ He is really pleased!


Moods of Rosette. Rosette Nebula 16/2/2021 – processing attempt 2 on 18/2/2021 – Lum-HA-OIII-OIII

I have now added luminence data – to creat Lum/H/O/O image (mapped to Lum/R/G/B channels).

This gives quite a different take on the nebula.

I then layered this image with my previously processed HOO version to create different moods of the Rosette. Which do you prefer?


LumHOO Image:

LumHOO/HOO layered image, different moods:

For comparison here is my HOO version from yesterday (same as previously posted):