PD camera musings

At the last meeting, I had several discussions with people as to whether you could see galaxy spiral arms “live” with the PD camera.

Here is a raw frame of M51 I did 3 years ago:

Although not that prominent, they are there. This was with a “Senseup” of 1024, that equates to a stack of 1024 1/50th second frames, giving a 20 second exposure. So it is “live” and refreshes every 20 seconds.

Below is a stack of 11 of these frames , processed in GIMP

See  http://www.thornett.net/Rosliston/Astrophotography/DSO.pdf for info. on how this was done.

It also seems you can’t get the PD camera any more. PD’s mods to the camera seem quite simple, so I did a search for the Huviron camera upon which the PD is based.

Here it is: http://www.huviron.com/?portfolio=sk-b141dm846&ckattempt=1

It is discontinued, unfortunately.

I had a quick search on other Huviron cameras that might use the Sony Superhad II chip and a senseup of 1024, but couldn’t find anything appropriate