20/9/19 Part 2 – Imaging

Here are my images from Friday night. First up is my effort on Roger’s Hickson Challenge using an 8 inch scope and cooled 550d. In this frame are the 2 clusters from Pegasus- the Deer Lick group and Stephan’s Quintet. Guiding was really ropey whilst I was doing this (it was a bit breezy) and I had to abandon about a third of the subs- so this is 90 minutes worth of 4 minute subs:

This is a crop with the Deer Lick group:

And here’s Stephan’s Quintet. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with this object. I’ve tried and failed to observe it at least half a dozen times- it just seems to be right on the edge of what the 14inch can grasp. Looking at these photos I can see why- the camera really hasn’t been able to put much shape or definition on them:

This shot took until 11:45pm- when the mount was coming up to the Meridian.

Rather than continue to gather data I moved across onto the Eastern Veil. I really love observing this object- but this is the first time I’ve tried to image any of it- this is 32 4 minute subs. Quite pleased with the outcome:

Finally, I’ve been ebay-ing again and have picked up another vintage Russian lens- 300mm this time. See picture below- it’s not lightweight!!! I’ve found that using this one is much more like using a telescope: it’s harder to aim, it needs a counterweight and was too heavy for a ball mount, so I had to fix it onto the SA and therefore can’t rotate the camera at all (unless I start trying to engineer something myself). I have to say, though, for anyone wanting to experiment with wider fields of view- these old prime lenses are pretty good- and compared with other astro gear quite cheap. I think this is the longest focal length I’d try- I was initially doing 2 minute subs but was getting some trailing so dropped to 1 min 20. I could (and may) add guiding- but at the moment I want to keep it simple. This is 17x 2 min subs and 80x 1 min 20 subs (I just left it running whilst I was observing) on the North American and Pelican nebulae.





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