Cancer with clouds.

Swadlincote    Heq5pro mount with C6r.6/3/2017.

Cloud clung to the south, with just Sirius visible. Long thin streamers were coming in from the west, just a couple of hours in Ursa Major and Cancer. A quick scan around showed Tegmine split into it’s lovely triple, showing super seeing. There are a lot of binaries in Cancer.
Σ1177 (SAO 79974) showed a lovely delicate close companion, just a lovely speck at 3.5″.
57 Cancri is an old favourite, orange stars opening up at 1.5″ at 08h54.2m. +30 35″.
Σ1187 another light orange pair , looking wide at 3.0″ at 08h09.5m. +32 13′.
Had some views of M67,M44, Bode’s and over to the double cluster. Cloud hopping is when you think about a swift withdrawal !

Good test for the Rowan mount belt conversion. After some minor adjustments , this proved more accurate in tracking and goto functions.
Clear skies !

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