15 Monocerotis

Inspired by Nick’s comment, I revisted my window-sill captures of NGC 2264 to see if we could see much of 15 Monocerotis. I had taken some shorter exposures, so selecting  and stacking the best frames of these produced the attached image. Bear in mind that the arrangement was hardly conducive to double-star spotting being through the double glazing with a short focus refractor AND a focal reducer together with a (very) approximate drive!


A bit of research on the web indicated that there were up to 16 components to 15 Monocerotis! The brightest 6 were described as:

15 Monocerotis, also known as S Monocerotis, is another multiple system consisting of six stars. However most of them are very faint:

AB: 4.7, 7.8; 213º, 2.9″.
C: 9.9, 14º, 16.4″
D: 9.7, 308º, 40.7″
E: 8.9, 140º, 73.8″
F: 9.0, 222º, 155.5″.

Taking the separations above and their PAs, I have labelled up what I think are the separable components. There is no chance of separating A,B & C with this set-up!ngc2264_samworth_301116e

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