1 night, 2 hours and 3 targets…….

So Saturday 12th December proved to be a busy night. Having recently purchased the Ioptron Skyguider Pro I was keen to test it out. Therefore I decided to set up both my main imaging rig and this new lighter weight mount.

With my main rig the first target was the Elephant Trunk nebula. Whilst this was imaging, i set up the light weight mount and located Pleiades and set my DSLR to take 80 x 30 sec exposures.

I managed to image one hour on the Trunk before the clouds rolled in. Whilst packing my main rig away, not wanting to waste time in the cold i left my DLSR shooting Dark frames.

Warming the camera and due to general faffing around, luckily, I hadn’t fully packed away my main rig, and by the time the calibration frames had finished, the clouds had cleared. Not wanting to waste a clear sky, i set my main image rig to take one hour of images of M31. So in 1 night, I managed 2 hours of images on 3 targets.

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