For some time now I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the Pleiades! On some clear evenings ill set up my lunt 70mm bins on a tripod so my wife can have a look and it never fails to disappoint! I was checking the weather all week and finally on the Friday evening a clear night was forecast. I planned for Nick to join me with his 9″evo and we sat about imaging the Pleiades and the ring nebula. Nick got some lovely pictures of the ring which should follow shortly and i ended up with 12x3min exposures of M45. Ive still got some post processing to do with my image but I’ll change it over when complete.


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  1. Super wide field capture Ken, really puts it into context.

    Any chance (when you update the shot), you can load a higher res version…?

    This is with the DSLR on the Tak (I think it’s helpful for others if you add some more capture details !) for reference…..

    What ISO are you running and is this calibrated with flats and dark/bias frames….?

    Looking forward to the other images from Nick as well.

    Clear skies….


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