October Meteors.


here are the radar meteor recordings for October, the Draconids and Orionids being the main showers of the month although hampered by poor visibility again, although the all sky camera did pick a possible Draconid on the 10th Oct ( see earlier post re:BASMO).

The results for 2016 are also included as a comparison, although rates lower, similar pattern around the Draconids and Orionids.

I have included a summary of the showers during the month to compare with the recordings.

The final image shows false readings on the radar set up, the trace is the direct signal from Graves, due to atmospheric conditions. At 46Hz above zero line, which should represent the Graves frequency, it shows that the Funcube offset is 346Hz and not 300Hz that I had been using, will adjust this for the November series.

November sees the Leonids in the early hours of the 17/18, luckily it’s a new moon, lets hope for clear skies!

Major Activity:

Radiant Duration Maximum
Orionids (ORI) October 15-29 Oct. 21

Minor Activity:

Radiant Duration Maximum
Arietids (Autumn) September 7-October 27 Oct. 8/9
Delta Aurigids (DAU) September 22-October 23 Oct. 6-15
Eta Cetids September 20-November 2 Oct. 1-5
October Cetids September 8?-October 30? Oct. 5/6
October Cygnids September 22-October 11 Oct. 4-9
Draconids (GIA) October 6-10 Oct. 9/10
Epsilon Geminids (EGE) October 10-27 Oct. 18/19
Northern Piscids October 5-16 Oct. 12/13

Daylight Activity:

Radiant Duration Maximum
Sextantids September 24-October 9 Sept. 30-Oct. 4





















































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