Imaging 11-12/06/2018

This time of year since, it does not get really dark, it isn’t easy to image DSOs. However, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was supposed to be transiting at about 12:40 so I set up to see if I could get an image. I have found it difficult to get a decent image of Jupiter this year because of its low altitude, and last night was no exception. After some extensive processing, you can at least see the red spot, and if you look hard there are other blobs and features. Coudn’t see any sign of Nick’s GRS streamer though. I managed to miss Callisto too – it is off-stage to the left!

Globulars seemed to be a reasonable bet in the circumstances, so here is M10 and M12.

Then on to NGC 6309, a planetary nebula (the Box nebula)

Finally on to M107 a small globular in Ophiuchus.

I also observed NGC 5746, 5846 and 5850, but the images aren’t really worth posting.

Then it started to get light – – –

Later –

After a bit more work processing NGC5746, I managed to recover something, even though it is not brilliant. Just shows, you can see DSOs in the summer twilight!

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