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DIY observatory pier kit

Hi Folks

I picked up the rebar ‘skeleton’ this morning so we now have all of the necessary bits to build the pier for the telescope. The ‘skeleton’ is pretty substantial and I could only just pick it up on my own. I have all of the ducting in the garage and I’ll have to see how that all fits together now. The piece you can see on the right is the template that I made for holding the studs in place in until the concrete dries. It’s a piece of plywood I had lying about, which for the last 10 years was actually the platform for the slide in the village playground. We replaced it recently with a new piece. Recycling in action, huh?







The PBO has been born – It’s official – The first sod has been dug

Hi Folks,


It’s Official !!!! The PBO observatory has been born!!!

Heather and I had the Build Start meeting this morning with Tim Leonard the builder, Louise GLover (SDDC Project Manager) and Wayne Chesterman from the Forestry Centre.The build will be starting in the next 2 weeks

Heather started digging immediately and would have carried on until Tim told her he was going to use a JCB to level the site.

I think it was absolutely right that Heather dug the first sod, as she has been a major driving force in getting us to this stage. The view in the first photo is looking south, and the stick in the ground is the centre of the dome (just to the left od the clump of the trees

Exciting times ahead




Observatory appeal: Measham Tesco Bags of Help.

Measham Tesco kindly put Rosliston Astronomy Group’s observatory forward as one of their worthy causes. Members of the community shopping at the store chose between three causes – each time they shopped they received a plastic coin to put in the slot next to cause of their choice. Depending on how many coins you get, the store will give a donation of variable size.

So, will we come 1st, 2nd or 3rd……

Photo below from Ed Mann on 27/5/2017 @ 13:25:

Ed emailed, First place or second place I think. It’s a close call. We [observatory fund] are the box on the right.”

Awards for Ed and Julian for reading the charity paperwork!

Our guest speaker, Mark Townley gave out awards for going beyond the call of duty by reading all of the charity application paperwork to two members of our committee, Ed Mann and Julian Palmer (The latter in abstentia). This was a major task – be warned that this is what you might need to do if you join the RAG committee!