Roger Samworth

M33 club – – – !

After having been seriously impressed with Rob and Ken’s latest splendid M33 images, I thought it might be interesting to compare them with one from the other end of the spectrum. Rolls-Royce vs. Ford Popular, sort of!

This one was a couple of years ago with the window-sill telescope that was on holiday at the time, sat on a patio table.

It was probably from a total exposure of about 200 seconds, if I remember correctly. The 80mm f/5 isn’t really compatible with the focal reducer, mind you.

What does it prove? Nothing, except that there is fun to be had, even if you only spend a couple of hundred pounds!

Moon – Clavius area – 17/11/18

December’s Sky at Night magazine has a “Moonwatch” article about the Clavius area. In particular the “curious curving progression of craterlets, starting at Clavius J and ending at Rutherfurd”. Here is the window-sill image of that area.

As usual it is the ST80 with 2X x2 barlows and the Mikrokular full HD.

The first image is the base image, and the second is a labelled detail from that image.

Impressive prominences – – – 13/11/2018

This is the most impressive prominence that I have seen for a while!

The prominence changed quite rapidly as you can see from the times, and from this animation (the earlier prominence image is a bit fuzzy because the Sun was VERY low at the time!):

Also see