Astrophotography – solar (Sun)

AR2736 flare – – -20/03/2019

According to “Spaceweather”:

“New sunspot AR2736 is growing rapidly in the sun’s northern hemisphere. This morning at 1118 UT, it announced itself with a C4-class solar flare.” 

Here is a fade animation of the AR2735 / AR2736 spot group pre and post this morning’s flare. The earlier image was at 09:38 UT taken with light cloud cover, the later one at 11:40 UT.

Solar images from Lichfield Part II

Since I came back to post previous photos taken about 50-60 mins ago, a new prominence has appeared on the leading solar limb – show below: Samsung S7 phone/Celestron NexYZ phone adapter/Tele Vue 8-24mm eyepiece set at 24mm/Sky Watcher 80mm Equinox Pro 80mm telescope/Manfrotto mount.

The following photos are all of same prominence and show some change in its structure over even few seconds to couple minutes.