Crescent Nebula (SH2-105)

First attempt at imaging since the new floor was completed in the Observatory.

Focused by hand as the electric focuser is currently not working – hence not quite in focus.

This is a 7×5 minute stacked image taken through a Hydrogen Alpha filter. Telescope being a Takahashi Epsilon 180ED at f/2.8. (A brute to manually focus!) Camera; Atik 4021, cooled to -27 degrees. Guiding by PHD and all sitting on a modded EQ6.


Also an image of IC1318, the diffuse Hydrogen Alpha emission nebula surrounding ‘Sadr’ (upper right), the 2.2 mag star at the ‘heart’ of Cygnus the Swan.




(Another!), Moon and Venus from Tuesday 4th Dec

My works Nikon D7000DX (APS-C) and my own (full frame) Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED, hand-held out the bedroom window.


Jpegs straight off the camera.


7.09am ISO125 1/20 f/2.8 84mm (Focal length in 35mm)


7.34am ISO100 1/50 f/3.2 82mm (Focal length in 35mm)


7.35am ISO100 1/60 f/3.5 70mm (Focal length in 35mm)


7.35am ISO100 1/60 f/3.5 82mm (Focal length in 35mm)


Dawn from the window-sill – – -04/12/2018

Dawn is getting pretty interesting for the next few days with Mercury now making an entrance. As an extra bonus, the Moon was there today too.

In the first image (at 06:46 UT) you can see Venus, the Moon, and Spica.

The next images are a bit later (at 07:02 UT), and Mercury has now risen. The images were acquired with my Canon SX610HS snapshot camera, and the inset of Venus with the 80mm f/5 refractor + 2X X2 barlows  + PD camera.


The next week or two is a good opportunity to observe Mercury. Binoculars will help. Some people heve never seen it!

Flats light panel

Since I’m currently looking to change to a mono camera I thought it would be sensible to have a look at making the flats process easier.

I’ve seen a few posts over the years where people have produced a light panel and added A4 paper to the front giving a nice flat illuminated area.

I wanted to do something similar so I purchased a cheap LED panel on amazon and cut around the telescope circumference. I left the box around the panel and added Velcro to the inside to keep it flat against the outside. I also cut out the power inlet and on/off button.

Very pleased with the result ! I’ll keep it velcroed to the inside of the observatory.

Another go at Sadr

Finally got a finished version of last Saturdays subs- I’d left the camera running on Sadr before setting off to meet Neil. I managed to collect 16 ten minute Ha subs (it was a bright moon), along with another 10 of the shed wall whilst the rig was running unsupervised (not included here!). I used them for the B&W image below, then combined them into the red channel of an RGB image from 9th October on the same target (see here for previous effort: ). My framing was a bit different this time (framing is a bit random at the minute for me- I’ve definitely not got on top of this yet…), so the colour image below is the intersection between the 2.