Astrophotography – solar system

Supermoon from Lichfield 3/1/2018 @ 08:10am

I managed to take this shot of the Supermoon over my neighbour’s house in Lichfield this morning (although I’ve missed the peak by 24-48 hours it is still pretty close). It is taken using a hand-held Samsung S7 phone, with brightness reduced to allow detail on the lunar disc to appear, no other manipulation of the image.

The aerial is holding it up for the photo (not really)!

Now we need to get ready for the total lunar eclipse in July this year….


Another Lunar Image from the (warm!) Window-sill -27/11/2017

Tonight, looking out of the window, the Moon’s phase looked almost exactly right to illuminate the “Straight Wall”, so I determined to have a go with the stacked barlow pair on the 80 mm ST80. As it happened the Straight Wall was almost exactly on the terminator, casting a relatively long shadow and necessitating some contrast stretching to get a half-decent image.


Apollo 15

Bringing the kids back from an afternoon out today at sunset we were looking at the moon and discussing earthshine, as you could clearly see the part of the moon unlit by the sun in the darkening sky.

As we got home I tried to get out and get a snap through the scope, but by the time I’d sorted the kids out it was too dark and the moment had gone. I did however manage to get a decent focus on the moon (for once) and looking through the photos later there was some good detail. I checked the web for what to look out for on a seven day moon and one of the best features is sunrise over Mons Hadley the landing site for Apollo 15. Very pleasing!

The Moon – Plinius area 25/11/2017

Looking out of the window this evening, there was the moon in almost exactly the correct phase to observe Plinius, as described in November’s “Sky at Night” (Page 58). Too good an opportunity to miss, so here is a window-sill image of the said crater and its environs. The 3rd image covers almost the same area as the photo in the magazine.


Venus and Jupiter conjunction 13/11/17

Took a yomp over the fields on monday morning to get a clear eastern horizon just after 6 am, as I was setting up Venus was rising through the early morning glow a scintillating red spot light. All images taken Canon 450D on tripod with cable shutter release. All shot in raw and processed in P.S.6

Having taken images , quick dash back home to get off to London, hence delay in processing!

First image 18-250mm Sigma at 87mm ISO1600, F22, 1″

2nd image 180-500mm sigma at 500mm ISO1600, F22, 0.25″

3rd image same lens as image 2, at 180mm, ISO100, F22, 2″

Moon 180-500mm Sigma , at 500mm ISO100, F22, 0.1″

Pete H