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Monoceros from the Window-sill – – -29/11/2017

Here’s a couple of the items we discussed at the last RAG meeting.

Hubble’s variable nebula, NGC2261 or C46, is only 2′ in size and therefore not really suited to the window-sill ST80. Will have a go with the SCT next time I go outside.



As a seasonal image, here is NGC2264, the Christmas tree cluster. I have turned it the right way up for anyone not familiar with it. It is a bit bigger than last-year’s version!

The star at the base of the “tree” is 15, or S, Monocerotis. The blue “halo” around it is not an entirely optical effect, as to quote Alan Macrobert in his book “Star-hopping for Back-Yard Astronomers”, it is “about as blue a star as you’ll ever see”.

Another Lunar Image from the (warm!) Window-sill -27/11/2017

Tonight, looking out of the window, the Moon’s phase looked almost exactly right to illuminate the “Straight Wall”, so I determined to have a go with the stacked barlow pair on the 80 mm ST80. As it happened the Straight Wall was almost exactly on the terminator, casting a relatively long shadow and necessitating some contrast stretching to get a half-decent image.


The Moon – Plinius area 25/11/2017

Looking out of the window this evening, there was the moon in almost exactly the correct phase to observe Plinius, as described in November’s “Sky at Night” (Page 58). Too good an opportunity to miss, so here is a window-sill image of the said crater and its environs. The 3rd image covers almost the same area as the photo in the magazine.