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Prominence processing comparison 14/08/2018

Having been seriously impressed with this image of the prominence the other day acquired with a Lunt LS152

Sunspot AR2718

I thought I would have another go at processing my window-sill image. I screwed down the alignment box size (in Registax 6) to 10 pixels and limited the processing to the prominence area. I then added a bit of Lucy-Richardson sharpening in GIMP. I think the extra aperture of the LS152 allows a much faster shutter speed, limiting the blur due to atmospheric wobble. The result is below.

Not as good as the LS152, of course.

There is also the small matter of a factor of 20-30 in the price of the optics of course – – – – Sigh!

DSOs 10-11/08/2018

After imaging Mars, I moved on to image a couple of DSOs in Cassiopaeia.

NGC278 is a small face-on spiral, and after processing, was a pleasant surprise, with lots of character. I think I need to re-visit this one with more magnification at some point.

NGC185 is is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy located 2.08 million light-years from Earth. It is a member of the Local Group, and is a satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Day of the Trifid (and Mars!)

Another superficially nice night, but the Mars seeing was pretty poor, and I got clouded out quite rapidly.

Before looking at Mars I had a go at M20, the Trifid nebula, in Sagittarius. This was pretty low at about 11 degrees elevation for a dim DSO, necessitating a fair amount of processing to get anything reasonable.

Mars was like a wobbly jelly. This time I tried a X3 barlow. The ADC is clearly doing its stuff, but it won’t compensate for poor seeing! The Hellas basin was obvious visually – easy to mistake for the S. polar cap!- and Syrtis Major was just about in view.