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Scottish atmospherics

Nothing much astronomical on our recent trip around around the North Coast 500 in Scotland.  ( Fantastic, by the way. Totally lives up to its billing as “Scotland’s stunning answer to Route 66 – – – named one of the top coastal road trips in the world”)

However, lots of nice atmospherics – rainbows and crepescular rays. Here are a few of them.

The last one I couldn’t resist posting – Salmon leaping to get a better view of the sky at the Falls of Shin!

Ionize Calcium / Better Than H-alpha?

This post (

is entitled “Ionize Calcium / Better Than H-alpha?”

Not sure I’m convinced!

Compare with this a day earlier –

(same as this:

Need to see Ha and Ca-K at the same time. Pete? Andy?

Interestingly, although we have no sunspots, prominences are fairly abundant.