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Blue Snowball nebula simulation

Jane and I are in Fuerteventura for a weeks hols until tomorrow evening 18th Oct. The TV has a really bright mid blue LED that shines like a searchlight when we are trying to sleep! To cover it up I used a piece of card then got on bed. When the lights were off I checked it and thought I can still just see the glow and it looks remarkably like the Blue Snowball nebula NGC7662 visually through a scope when the sky is affected by light pollution and its difficulty pick out! So I took a pic! Whilst not an actual astronomical observation as such, it was still interesting.

Obviously there aren’t any stars, but do you see the similarity?

V2; The brighter image was taken further away with much less zoom. I have also included a sketch I did back in 2016 as a comparison, which has been inverted (I had to colour the nebula orange so it came out bluish when inverted).

Guess what a fellow Astro friend lent me to try out?

He lent me his Phil Dyer video camera with bits & pieces to try out. He bought it last year so he could use it at outreach events with his club Leicester Astronomy Club. The first time he tried it it he forgot the remote for his laptop, which had one of his Dads Army DVD’s in which he couldn’t eject so it kept playing! He frantically phoned his wife saying you’ll have (note the word have not will you please? ;-)) to bring the remote. Even though she was feet up watching a good film she dutifully took it to him!
Funny thing was he said, people were more interested in Dad’s Army than images of the night sky!!

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