Gigantic Moon Image from last night

Great conditions for moon imaging last night. I got 251 subs using my 150PL and Canon 450D at just 1/2000 exposure. The result was so good I drizzled it in AS!3 and gota lovely big image, but it deosn’t seem to want to upload (you can see it on Stargazer’s Lounge). Here’s an un-drizzled version that still benefits from looking at the full-res version.

A really nice moon :-)
A really nice moon 🙂



Ngc 7000 North American Nebula

I decided to start imaging the north American nebula this time because it crossed the meridian right after my son was put to bed at 8pm, giving me 5-6 straight hours of imaging. Sadly after preparation the clouds rolled in so it wasn’t until 11pm that i was able to start imaging. I finished off around 2:30am giving me around 3.5hrs of data in Halpha. Stacked and processed in pixinsight with 20 darks 20 flats and 35 bias. 8min exposures at iso 800 f5.

Moon through SW 200P

Hi All Having just acquired my first telescope I was keen to try it on the easiest of objects, the Moon. To a relative novice, the detail visible was truly awesome. I am not set up with T ring and adaptors yet to connect the Canon DSLR but could not resist putting my compact Panasonic TZ4 to the eyepiece, hence to low photo image quality. My only criticism of the EQ5 mount is finding and reaching the RA control knob around the bulk of the 200mm tube. Control cables are now on the Christmas list.

Big thank you to our chairman, Andy for his advice and guidance on checking out a secondhand telescope.

Posting Large Images

I suspect I may have a LOT slower internet connection than most RAG members, and one problem I have is that large photos take a very long time to load. The ‘latest posts’ page typically takes 5-10 minutes is there are lots of new pictures that my computer hasn’t cached.

I’m afraid Ken’s very nice rosette is taking a few minutes on its own – which is what has prompted me to post this!

When you insert an image into a post you can select ‘link to media file’ and choose a relatively small display size.

This means the post loads with a smaller version of the image, but if you want full resolution you can click on the smaller image to see it.

Once you have chosen a setting it stays as a default until you change it.

If you have 50MB/s broadband you are probably wondering what I am grumbling about, but believe me, with my 2.9MB/s it makes a big difference 🙂