Pelican Nebula – narrowband

My second ever photo in narrowband – HA-OIII-SII.

On this occasion, I decided to photograph the Pelican Nebula……I used plate solving to get into the nebula but did not realise that this meant I was right in the middle of it and hence my image below (which is based around the star HD198896) does not show much of the well known edge of the nebula – still, it is a riot of colour!

SII – Red
Ha – Green
OIII – Blue

  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm OTA
  • EQ6
  • Altair Astro 183M camera
  • Baader 7-8.5nm narrowband filter
  • PixInsight/Photoshop CS6


First proper night with the GT81

So i decided to take the plunge and get a triplet, this was the first proper night with the new toy. As it was a very moonlit night i decided to shoot a nebula, and chose NGC 7635 – Bubble Nebula. One area i need to work on is my star masks, but im generally happy with this pic, but as always room for improvement.

Some Marseses…

… as Gollum might put it.

Reprocess of my data from 13 September,



From Thursday last week:

More Mars
More Mars

And the day after, Friday at Rosliston, the seeing wasn’t as good and Mars wasn’t as high in the sky:


All with the same equipment, so sometimes it’s just down to the conditions… Andy’s to be congratulated for getting recognisable images on his first go under such poor seeing.

Photographing Mars during RAG observing session

With Neil Wyatt’s help, I have managed to take my first photograph of Mars – I am very excited!

  • ZWO ASI174MM camera
  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA
  • HEQ5 Pro mount
  • I used Pole Master to polar align.
  • I learnt that SharpCap to take the photos – I discovered this is better than FireCapture & ASICapture.
  • The image on SharpCap needs to be quite bright – so change settings so histogram about 75% – initially I took video which wasn’t so bright & then AutoStakkert would not recognise the planet.
  • I also need to use 5x Barlow to reasonable image scale.
  • To focus – need to focus on star first as difficult to focus on planet.